%id - Identify a button


To identify a button.


winio@('%id', N)
integer N


specify the button number (ID) of the next %bt (Button), %tt (Textual Toolbar) or %bb (Button) button. The button number provides the winio@ return value when a button is clicked and the button is not given a callback function. So %id values can be used in conjunction with the winio@ return value when button callback functions are not needed. By default, button numbers are provided automatically in the order that the buttons are defined.

%id takes one integer argument which must not be negative. A zero value can be used with, for example, %bt[Cancel] since this is equivalent to clicking on the dialog "Close" button.

Note that the following two forms are equivalent because the "EXIT" standard callback returns zero.

iw = winio@("%id%bt[Cancel]", 0)
iw = winio@("%^bt[Cancel]", "EXIT")


Added to FTN95 at version 7.00




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