%bn - Split Button


A split button.


winio@('%~nbn[button_options]', grey_ctrl)
integer grey_ctrl     (input)


Tilde (~) - used to add a grey control.

Grave accent (`) - used to make this the default button (one for each dialog).

Caret (^) - the call-back function is called when the user clicks on the button.

Question mark (?) - a help string is supplied.


%bn is an alternative to %bt (Button) and %bb (Button). In particular %bn can be used to present split buttons (with a down icon that is typically used for menus). It can also have the Microsoft "Notes" style of button with a green arrow, title and notes. %bn takes the same modifiers as %bt and its width can be modified in the same way via a leading integer value. Here are the options that can be used with %bn.

[text=Caption]The caption for the button. "text=" can be omitted if this is the first option in a list.
[icon=IconResource]The name of an icon resource to provide an icon (possibly with the "notes" style below).
[notes=Notes]Provides a green arrow (or your icon). The caption appears as a title with the text "Notes" below it.
[split]A split button normally linked to a prior %cm (Context menu) menu.
[font=FontName]The font name.
[font_size=d]The font size d which is a double precision value as in %ts (Text Size).
[vfill=d]A double precision value d that allows for additional vertical fill to provide greater depth.
[colour=rgbValue]The text colour. Cannot be used with [icon] or [notes].
[bk_colour=rgbValue]The background colour. Cannot be used with [icon] or [notes].
[return=v]An integer value that can be used as the winio@ return when a button is used (without a callback) in order to close a window.

See also

%bx (Grey Bar)




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